Eyes: Brown

Hair: Black

Height: 6 ft

Weight: 165 lbs


FILM                                                               ROLE                                                              DIRECTOR

Mac Daddy in Las Vegas                                John – Supporting                                           Mac Jay

A Good Man                                                   Tomas – Lead                                                 Rey Christian Hunt

The Fog                                                          Afghan Man – Principal                                  Ted Martland

Armenia My Love                                            Mizorkyan – Supporting                                  Diana Angelson

Embedded                                                      Head Radical – Principal                                Stephanie McBain

SpeakEasy                                                     Ramis – Principal                                            Eleanor Hoppe

Fatima                                                            Hellal AlQadi – Lead                                       Sam Shaib

Always                                                            Chris Smith - Lead                                          Monish Gagwani

Torture                                                           The Captive - Lead                                         Chris Ehren Matyas

Happiness                                                      Jet - Principal                                                  Arlo Ballard

Liberation                                                       Weazel/The Executioner - Featured               Nils Osmar

That’s Unbelievable America                          Devin Montgomery - Lead                              Nils Osmar

Frat: The Musical                                           Salsa Dancer – Featured                                Michael Fishman

Potential                                                         Snowboarder - Principal                                 Anna Waggoner

*Commercials Available upon request                                                                                                                                             


THEATER                                            ROLE                          THEATER                                DIRECTOR

Fortune Wheel                                    Asad                           VS Theater                             Jeff Liu

Rock and Roll’s Greatest Lovers        El Conguero                Lillian Theater                         Eleanor Teare

Shades                                               Jason                          Macha Theatre                        Odalys Nanin

The Motherfucker with the Hat            Julio                            Hutchinson Hall Theater          Andrew McGinn

Don Quixote                                        Tenebrun                    McCaw Hall (Seattle Opera)    Linda Brovsky

Le Medecin Malgres Lui                      Sganarelle                  Ethnic Cultural Theater           Roger Tompkins

A Dropped Stitch                                The Metro                   New Space Theater                 Jeff Stilwell

Le Faiseur Balzac                               De La Brive                 Ethnic Cultural Theater           Tom Ansart

Le Deuxieme Tilleul a Gauche            Homme 2                     Ethnic Cultural Theater           Tom Ansart

Joke                                                    The Young Man          Wade James Theater              Paul Taylor

Sophistication                                     Georges Willard          Wade James Theater              Paul Taylor

Do Budhist Drink Beer?                      Rahula                        Driftwood Players Theater       Larry Marino

The Obsidian Show                            Chameleon                 Little Red Studio                      Courtney Papastathis

Night of the Iguana                             Pedro                          Black Box Theater                   Lynn Compton

Les Effracteurs                                   Nicolas                        Ethnic Cultural Theater           David Garfinkle

Ah Wilderness                                    Georges                      Black Box Theater                  Gordon Coffey

Anna in the Tropics                            Juan Julian Rios          Black Box Theater                   Joanna Goff

A Midsummer Night’s Dream              Demetrius                   Triton Center                            Joanna Goff


TRAINING                                                                  SCHOOL/STUDIO                             TEACHER/COACH

Improv                                                                       Upright Citizens Brigade                     Will McLaughlin

Scene Study and Technique (JJ Masterclass)           Jocelyn Jones Acting Studio               Jocelyn Jones

The Film School (Scholarship recipient)                   The Film School                                  Tom Skerritt/Stewart Stern

Film Directing and Acting                                          Freehold Theater                                John Jacobsen

Meisner Intensive Training                                        Freehold Theater                                Robin Lynn Smith

Improv .                                                                     Market Theater                                   Roberta Macguire

Acting for the Camera                                               University of Washington                    Nils Osmar

Realism, Shakespeare, Commedia Dell’Arte             Edmonds Community College             Joanna Goff



Music: Percussionist (Congas, Bongos, Doumbek, Djembe…). Voice trained with vocal range of Tenor1 to Baritone

Languages: Fluent in English, French, Spanish and Arabic. Dialects: French, Arabic, Brooklyn, Puerto Rican, Cuban

Dance: Latin Ballroom and Contemporary. Performed dance routines in Las Vegas, Portland, Seattle and San Francisco

Movements and Stage Combat: Martial Arts (Karate, some Capoeira), Basketball, Soccer, Snowboard and Motorcycle Riding.